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Historically, India has initiated systematic programmes for renewables including for research and development. However, the fast progress across the world which has melted the national boundaries in terms of technology adoption and implementation, the optimisms as well as demand created by economic growth in India and the increasing concerns regarding climate change have led to a situation where renewable energy is experiencing vibrancy all across, whether in industry, research institutions, a common villager, a developer, an investor, bankers and so on. Each one has some aspirations and expectations from this sector and may indeed have a great responsibility. It in a way is laying foundation of a new economy that is inclusive, sustainable and aspires for de-carbonization of energy in a definite time frame. However, there is a long way to go. In order to create an enabling environment, new policy frameworks, technological innovations and human skills development programmes are under way.

As a part of SGEL, Contribution made to be a part of these new programme we aim at the different renewable energy sources like Biomass, Wind, Hydro to be able to produce electricity and to reach 351 MW by the year 2016 and to lighten rural parts of India bright.


In line with the vision made, SGEL has taken an oath to save our planet earth from ravages of climate change & ultimately to make clean, renewable energy.

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