Perry Johnson Registrars Inc
ISO 14001:2008 Certified Company

Environmental Health and Safety Policy:


At SGEL, we're committed to ensure the safety and protection of our workers, visitors, the public, and our environment while conducting our mission work. We manage environment, safety, and health risks to an acceptable level by implementing an Integrated Safety Management System. Through our comprehensive portfolio of policies, procedures, and programs, we incorporate environmental protection, safety, and quality management into all aspects of our work.

We manage all our power plant operations in accordance with well laid EH&S Principles and Beliefs, in a manner that controls occupational health and safety risk, protecting the environment and the health and safety of our employees, while fully complying with applicable laws and regulations.

We believe that all incidents are preventable through the application of proper training, planning, knowledge, and resources to identify and control safety risks.

Environmental Health and Safety Policy:

As an integral part of our Business Policy, we are committed to conserve the environment and provide a safe and healthy working and living place for our employees and stakeholders in locations or the community we operate.

Towards this mission we shall:

  • Ensure compliance to statutory & other requirements.
  • Conserve natural resources, reduce waste and minimize emission/pollution.
  • Incorporate EHS considerations in all our business endeavours.
  • Offer training to all our employees/stakeholders to sustain our EHS initiative.

Sustainable Policy

We are committed to fulfilling our, social, economic, environmental and moral responsibilities while constructing our factories, conducting our business and offering our services.

We shall preserve natural resources, build social equity and achieve sustainable growth with full commitment, and create value for all our stake holders.


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