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Shalivahana Group Overview:

Shalivahana Green Energy Limited' ("SGEL") is a leading clean energy generation company. SGEL develops, implements and operates renewable energy generation assets which are spread across several states in India. SGEL is amongst the pioneers in biomass based power generation projects in India. The first biomass plant of the Company was commissioned in the year 2002. SGEL, has so far successfully commissioned 10 projects with an aggregate capacity of 105.2 MW. Plants are geographically dispersed across seven states and operating capacity is diversified across renewable fuel segments namely - Biomass, Municipal Solid Waste, Small Hydro and Wind. Geographical and fuel diversification provides a strategic edge to the Company over competition. SGEL is one of India’s largest agri-waste based power producer companies with having established an operating capacity of 88 MW across seven plant locations within India. Another 12 MW of agri-waste based generation capacity is nearing completion. SGEL has strong in-house expertise in the entire value chain of project concept to operation evidenced by the fact that over 90% of its capacity is developed organically.

SGEL has recently successfully completed a run-of-the-river 7 MW small hydro project within 21months. SGEL has a strong hydro pipeline. The immediate capacity growth is now centred on nine self-identified run-of-the-river small hydro projects of over 90 MW aggregate capacity. SGEL is well poised to achieve an operational capacity of 250 MW by 2016 consisting of a balanced portfolio of agri-waste, small hydro and wind based capacity.

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